Science is the physical inquiry into the search of truth and philosophy is the logical inquiry into the search of truth, whereas religion is the moral and spiritual inquiry into the search of truth.

         Scholars differ about religion. Some think that it is a way of moral behaviours or a service of mankind. Others say that it is the worship of a personal God. I think that religion is not a question to be discussed, but a matter to be experienced. “Every expression of religion is an experience of reality.” Religion in its fullest sense is the way for realizing truth. Moral behaviour or service of mankind is one aspect of religion. But, if we think of religion in terms of morality only, we will be restricting its meaning, for religion is eternal.

       Absolute religion always indicates moral preparation as well as spiritual apprehension. Both these aspects are essential for a true religion. Always a moral and spiritual inquiry into the truth, religion is a search for supernatural reality. Reality has two sides, pure being and free activity. Religion always combines the two contemplation and action, worship and service, ethics and metaphysics, morality and spirituality - all go together.

       The true sense of religion is indicated by the behaviour of Yudhishthira in Mahabharata as well as by the whole concept of Krishna - Arjuna - samvada in Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta. Yoga of Krishna and dhanusha of Arjuna both are the two aspects of one act.

         Whether in the field of politics or as social phenomena or in the spiritual framework, religion will always play a dominant role. On the other hand, as a way of life it will enter remain the principles for realizing truth.

         For realizing the religious truth, our inner reasoning must be pure and truthful. Our inner being and outer conduct must come face to face. In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan “Our svadharma outward life and svabhava inner being must answer each other.” If our mind and mouth are not one with the spirit, religious truth is impossible to realize.

         We must all see truth, hear truth, live in the world of truth and know truth. This is the heart of religion and the last word of Vedanta.

– Dr. Manik Lal Vyas

Guchiyon ki Bagechi,

Phalodi, Dist. Jodhpur, Rajasthan.




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